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      Our deference features

| A combination of services in 1 company

With decades of combined years between equipment and freight in the transportation industry we can say we have experienced a lot in what this industry is and in need of.  Not to say that we know it all, far from it, but we can say with confidence that changing times have left some much needed personalized customer service to fill the voids across the industry as a whole.  This group exists to help fill some of those needs. 

 We are not a broker.  We are a ground service company here to provide and support: (1)  Same day Courier, P&D small package and small package expediting services for the airline, manufacturing, trucking and warehousing industries.  (2) We also transport people to there destinations comfortably and safely.  (3) Driveaway transporting of Autos up to Class 8 size trucks for auto and truck dealerships along with lease/rental companies and repair shops.

We are a group of industry knowledge minded individuals who have one purpose.  Satisfy our customer at every level. 

01 Our mission

To provide a prosperous industry related ground service that is both productive and profitable exceeding the satisfaction of our customers, community and company through accurate, communicative, efficient, environmentally conscious, friendly, results-driven and safe processes and strategies.

02 Our promise

We will be positive in our abilities to provide the customer with above expectations.  If we make a mistake we will own it and do whatever is reasonable to correct it.  We will speak the truth in all we say and carry it out in what we do.  We will exercise our core values in all processes at all levels.  We will always appreciate and respect your business and look forward to the relationship we build together supporting our customers.

03 Our core values

We are trustworthy people who believe "your word is your bond" and "a hand shake is as good as your word".  We walk with honesty and integrity in a spirit of humility.  We are second milers if the first mile will not be enough.  We obey our local, state and federal laws.  We believe in a balance of honest work, personal time and physical rest.  These are important for good health and wellness for a strong body and soul.  Respect customers and vendors like true family and real friends.

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